Sunday, 30 September 2012

2 Posts in one day!!!

Here again, did you miss me?? Realizing how many times I post small little snippets of my life in facebook (yes, I am a facebooker so sue me.) I figured I could probably fit in a lot more. This is of course depending  on whether I can write withouth interuption. I have been staying up late most nights anyway but can you blame me? I have 3 kids and the only time I get to myself is after they go to bed. Im sure there are plenty of things I should probably do instead other than blog but what is it the kids are saying nowadays? YOLO? (You only live once for those of us not familiar with teenage slang).

My son is squeeling away at 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' at the moment and I just love hearing it. He has discovered that those things called 'hands' have the ability to grab everything within reach and stick it in his mouth. My eldest daughter is watching the same show and eating a lunch that she and I prepared together. A very poor version of pizza (in my mind) but she created it and therefore its delicious. Basically, toast topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni and orange cheese squares. Dont rush to write down the recipe. Speaking of recipes, however, I recently found this recipe on pinterest:
And I decided to give it a go. Let me tell you, its one of the good ones! I made it for my brother in law who loved them and requested them any chance he got. These are mine:

If you decide to give the recipe a try, I would definitely leave out the salt. It says optional on the recipe but I put some in on the first batch and it definitely doesnt need it. The pepperoni and cheese give it enough. You could probably try different flavours in it too though I havent tried that yet.
Well hubby has just come home and Ive tidied up the table though Ive created more boxes that need to be sorted. The kids are playing on my brother in laws xbox kinect that he has left for us to try out!
Be back soon. Maybe tonight when the kids are in bed!
Sam. x
PS- I apologize about my spelling, it seems my spell check has had a spasm.

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